white light/white heat (loss4wurds) wrote in rockkillskid,
white light/white heat

so rock kills kid played last night in north hollywood. i proly would'nt have gone except my brothers band was playing with them. and damn it was far. rkk didnt go up til like 11:30 but it was worth it. there was like nobody there. they sang 2 or 3 new songs, miracle, and the hope song. they ended their set early. booo. but i got to see them. took some photos. damn fog maching kept getting my my way. but here ya go.

drummer chris. sleeveless shirt. uh need i say more?

jeff. singing.

kirk. hair in his face like always, ha.

the whole bunch. notice the lack of a crowd. there were like
15 people there and my friends and i made up like half the crowd. better for me tho.


reason not to commit suicide # 78174618: drummer chris' facial expressions.
it's enough to make you wanna do things to yourself. but that's just me.

kirk+drummer crhis. fun

i guess the fog machine had just let out some, well, fog.

can't really see kirk but it looks neat i think. fog again tho boo
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